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October 24, 2016

CCRC Report on iPASS Resources

Last week, Community College Research Center (CCRC) released a report on Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success (iPASS). The report curates and categorizes sixty iPASS resources released since 2010. You can find the abstract and a link to the working paper here:  http://ccrc.tc.columbia.edu/publications/ipass-state-of-the-literature.html

The paper categorizes the iPASS documents into four different groups based on aim and rigor:

  1. Descriptive documents (39 items) that describe processes and challenges of iPASS implementation
  2. Output reports (12 items) that examine usage data to better understand iPASS implementation
  3. Correlational studies (5 items) that examine non-causal associations between different functionalities of iPASS tools and student outcomes
  4. Rigorous outcomes studies (4 items) that employ experimental or quasi-experimental tathods to provide causal or near-causal estimations of iPASS-oriented interventions